The spiritual Message of German Fairy tales

Welcome – our vision

After studying Christian, Buddhist and especially Hindu scriptures for more than 20 years and translating some Indian works into German on , we also met the old German fairy tales and Germanic legends on our way. On the one hand in a quite practical manner, if such a small grandchild sits on your lap and wants to be entertained, and on the other hand also in a spiritual manner, because we find many symbols in the old fairy tales that touch us deeply and open some windows into a wonderful world. We think our old fairy tales do not need to hide their spiritual message from the spiritual works of other cultures. There is still a great potential in them that seems timeless and can still touch people from young to old. For this reason, we would like to try to write down some thoughts in order to inspire the parents and grandparents to once again resort to the old storybooks, so to speak as an ecological alternative to the modern media.

Help - thank you

Anyone who has much time and leisure and can help us with texts, ideas and illustrations is always welcome. Also welcome is the purchase of our storybook to support the project. But we are also happy about every good wish that becomes a blessing.

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And who are we? - Impressum

... two searching souls who call themselves Undine Weltsch (*1967) and Jens Grünewald (*1965) and live in sunny Saxony on the edge of the Erzgebirge in Germany. Our hobby is obvious, and moreover there is nothing special to report. In accordance with §1 of the Law of Karma and Reason, of course, we accept responsibility for what we have done here and ask anyone who finds any errors on these pages or feels legally offended to send a message to any of the e-mails below for correction.
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