The spiritual Message of German Fairy tales

Fairy Tales News

New fairy tale interpretations published


Fairy tales are wonderful! We have published further spiritual interpredations from our book The Message of German Fairy tales on this website. With best wishes...

New fairy tale interpretations


It is always amazing how masterfully our old German fairy tales play with the symbolism and how much spiritual depth can be found in it. Our 'enthusiasm' did not diminish, and so we have ventured on six more interpretations, from the Our Lady's Child to the Golden Bird. With best wishes...

English book available


Hooray, it's done! Our English storybook with many interpretations is finally finished after lots of work. We thank all those who helped us with the English translation and correction. For hints and further corrections, we are always grateful. Fly to the world, little book!

New Fairy Tales


And then another pleasing news: Three new fairy tales were interpreted by us and published here, namely Hans in Luck, Godfather Death and One-Eye, Two-Eyes and Three-Eyes. We wish you a lot of fun and inspiration while reading ...

The Birth of this Internet Site


Congratulations! Today, this Internet site was born and has, so to speak, seen the light of day. We wish the little baby all the best and a blessed growth! May it prosper for the good of all!